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New emerging supplier of high-performing

fire-retardant products

PyraStop™ is a new emerging supplier of high-performing fire-retardant products in the United States. We develop solutions that include halogen-free environmentally friendly fire-retardant polymer applications. PyraStop continuously pursues new solutions to address the needs in markets that include, Textiles and Fabrics.

  • Client Satisfaction

  • Effective Results

  • Fast Problem Solving


Be an innovative company recognized for timely deliverance of cost effective and sustainable Fire-Retardant Solutions that are safe for both humans and the environment 


We are a technology-based materials company focused on developing novel Fire-Retardant solutions for polymer-based industries that serve a variety of markets ranging from Automotive to Textiles. Backed with over six decades of experience, we are committed to providing our customers with Fire-Retardant solutions that help them meet and stay ahead of the growing global regulations surrounding fire-retardant solutions. 


  1. Prioritize markets segments and customer groups based on technology fit and product development plans.

  2. Position portfolio within customer segments to drive market share, revenue, and profits.

  3. Develop strategic partnerships to ensure capacity and capability to optimize product potential.

  4. Invest in the development of best-in-class product validation and go-to-market processes that meet business requirements. 

  5. Develop and maintain a dedicated organization with appropriate skills, engagement, and character.


  1. Integrity – Align our words with our behavior. Build our reputation through trust.

  2. Entrepreneurship –Always taking the initiative to solve customers’ issues.

  3. Excellence – Take creative approaches to delivering innovative high-quality products

  4. Teamwork – Strive to embrace productive win -win relationships with partners

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